Welcome to VapeFiles!!!

Welcome to Vapefiles!! We are here to uncover the hidden truths about vaporizers. Started by people who believe vaporization is a healthier alternative to smoking we are here to provide everyone with reliable and up-to-date information and to inform the general public about the benefits of this new technology taking the world by storm.

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Why Vaporize?

Vaporizers were introduced in the early ‘90s and have become increasingly popular ever since. Due to the many benefits of vaporizers they have gained a mass following all around the world with many now choosing vaporizers as their primary way to smoke their herbal blends.

  • - No smoke! Smoke is the prime cause of lung cancer and many respiratory disorders. Smoking involves the combustion of plant material. The smoke contains enormous amounts of toxic by products such as solid particles (tar) and gasses like nitric oxide. These by products irritate the mouth, throat and lungs, and give off noxious odours. Moreover, the high and uncontrolled combustion temperature destroys a large percentage of the active ingredients so one needs more of the plant material to obtain a similar effect.

  • - Save money – Since vaporization takes place at temperatures below combustion up to twice as many active constituents are delivered to the user than one would get from smoking, according to studies. The active ingredients in many herbs are highly combustible and may be destroyed when simply smoked.

  • - No smell. As nothing is actually burning there is very little smell involved with vaporization.