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VP810 Pyramid Vaporizer

VP-810 Pyramid Vaporizer Overview

The VP-810 is a hands free direct inhalation Vaporizer that uses a soldering iron heating element.

This subpar Vaporizer is manufactured in China and introduced to the market back in 2008. This unit was manufactured by people who don’t understand vaporization, so I believe this is the reason the unit performs so poorly.

VP-810 Pyramid Vaporizer Ease of Use

I was expecting a more enjoyable experience with the Pyramid Vaporizer.

The Pyramid Vaporizer has an inaccurate temperature gage, I turned the rotary dial clockwise to activate the heat and set it to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, no heat was generated at that temperature level. I had to turn the temperature knob to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, its highest setting, for Vapor to be produced.

The Hands Free Vapor wand that accompanies the Pyramid Vaporizer restricted me because I constantly had my blend fall onto the vertical heating element, I feel like a dual chamber hands free vapor wand is a better option.

VP-810 Pyramid Vaporizer Time to Heat Up

Once this Vaporizer was on, I waited for nearly 10 minutes for it to achieve optimal heat; this was considerably longer than the heat up time than other Vaporizers in the same price range.

VP-810 Pyramid Efficiency/Effectiveness

The Vapor created from the Pyramid was paltry and non visible. The taste was terrible, it was a mixture of plastic and metallic.

VP-810 Pyramid Warranty

This Vaporizer is not backed by any manufacturer’s warranty, therefore once the Pyramid malfunctions, you have to buy a new unit.

VP-810 Pyramid Overall Satisfaction

I would not recommend the Pyramid Vaporizer to fellow Vaporization patrons. I believe the Pyramid Vaporizer is poorly constructed and does not produce a consistent Vapor.

However, there are other Hands Free Box Style Vaporizers in the same price range, like the Vaporite Deluxe which can be a viable option as well!