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VP800 Globe Vaporizer

VP-800 Globe Vaporizer Overview

The VP-800 Globe Vaporizer is manufactured in China and was introduced to the Vaporizer Market in 2007.

The VP-800 is a despondent direct inhalation globe style unit with a wooden base and glass dome.

Heating the VP-800 via conduction occurs with an unsanitary, cheap metal blend holder or hot plate.

VP-800 Globe Vaporizer Ease of Use

I was not able to work the VP-800 Globe Vaporizer during testing.

I followed the directions by removing the glass globe and inserting my blend on top of the metal herb holder.

I tried to operate the VP-800 by turning the analog temperature gage clockwise to its highest temperature setting and plugged in the vapor wand, which produced no Vapor.

VP-800 Globe Vaporizer Heat up Time

An unacceptable warm up time of 20 minutes is expected for the VP-800 Globe Vaporizer.

VP-800 Globe Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

The VP-800 Globe Vaporizer does an inferior job of producing vapor.

VP-800 Globe Vaporizer Warranty

Each VP-800 Digital Herb Vaporizer comes with no warranty.

VP-800 Globe Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

Buyer beware, I would not recommend the VP-800 Globe Vaporizer  because of the unusual design concept, inability to provide sufficient heat, and zero warranty.

Instead, there are a handful of entry level Vaporizers like the Vaporite Deluxe and Easy Vape Digital which will better suit the needs of novice patrons.