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Volcano Vaporizer – Easy Valve vs Solid Valve?

So you’re about to spend $500 dollars on a Volcano Vaporizer and you want to know whether you should get the Easy Valve or the Solid Valve? Well it is a touch choice, there are benefits of each valve system but in the end it comes down to personal preference.

Solid Valve vs Easy Valve

The Benefits of the Solid Valve are:

  • Customizable balloon sizes! You can make a really big balloon and your free to walk around or go somewhere else without having to refill continuously. Alternatively you can also make a very small balloon. The choice is up to you.
  • Save money!! With the Solid Valve you will save money over time by making your own balloons. Compared to the Easy Valve replacement set that you would need to buy every year or so which costs $60+ dollars. Balloons for the Sold Valve are quite cheap and you can go through as many balloons as you want and it will be fairly inexpensive to do so.

    The Negatives of the Solid Valve are:

  • It can be a pain to make balloons. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad but in the meantime you are going to be wishing you got the Easy Valve because, well – it’s easy.
  • Much harder to clean. Due to it having more parts, it is a lot harder to clean than the Easy Valve, which requires almost no cleaning. The Solid Valve parts can also get sticky after a while of built up residue and it get’s that very dirty oily sticky feeling.
  • Solid Valve
    Overall, the Solid Valve is a very good valve system for those that are looking to customize bag sizes or anyone who has a tight budget. Though anyone who hates extra cleaning, maintenance or work should probably opt for the Easy Valve.

    The Benefits of the Easy Valve are:

  • No hassles! The Easy Valve which the name might suggest, is a lot easier to use. It has less parts therefore, it is easier to use and doesn’t require much effort to load herbs into the valve bowl.
  • Less Maintenance & Cleaning! Less parts = less cleaning, easy maintenance.

    The Negatives of the Easy Valve are:

  • More money to run. The Easy Valve, depending on how much you use it, will set you back at least $60+ every year or two in purchasing an easy valve replacement set. While this doesn’t work out to be a huge amount if you divide the total amount of uses you will get out of 6 balloons. For all people on a budget out there this may be an issue.
  • You can’t customize the bag sizes. Yes, that’s right you cannot customize the bag sizes. Each balloon you get comes pre-made, with a valve already attached. It’s not really a big deal though, the size of the balloon is probably 5 full lungs worth so once you’ve finished a bag you simply fill another one.
  • Easy Valve
    Overall, we would recommend the Easy Valve. It is easier to use, requires less maintenance, less cleaning and it gives you the time to do more of what you really want to be doing. Which is vaporizing your favorite herbs. If you really want to customize your bag sizes, then go ahead and get the Solid Valve – but don’t say we didn’t warn you about the extra work!


    Until next time, Happy Vaping!

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