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Vaporizer Buying Guide – Which Vaporizer is Best For Me?

With all the vaporizers on the market today it can be a daunting task trying to choose a vaporizer.

There are a number of different factors which one must take into account when deciding what vaporizer they are going to buy.

The first question is whether to get a Portable Unit or a Home Unit.If you plan on using a vaporizer every day, we would recommend getting a home vaporizer. These plug-in style vaporizers are more expensive to purchase, but will pay off big time when it comes to the amount of herbs you will save.

Stylish and designed with safety in mind, a home vaporizer will provide years of usage with less necessary cleaning than a portable vaporizer. If you are hesitant to purchase a vaporizer over $200, rest assured that you truly do get what you pay for in the vaporizer industry.

If you have a home vaporizer and simply love vaporizing, you may want to invest in a portable vaporizer to have with you when you leave the house. Portable vaporizers are great for limited use and for vaporizing in public. We use our portable vaporizer as a convenient accessory to our regular vaporizer at home.

You could certainly invest in a portable vaporizer as your daily vaporizer, but you will quickly discover that you will need to charge a portable vape’s batteries and need to clean its screens more frequently, as well as experiencing a slight burn in your throat when smoking due to most portable vaporizer’s short straw.

Best Vaporizers Advice: Buy both style vaporizers. If your vaporizer budget will only allow for one purchase at this time, get a home vaporizer and start there for the optimal vaporizer experience.

Once you are hooked like us, you can invest in a portable vaporizer for your travelling needs.

The next question one should ask is whether to get a Whip Unit or Balloon Unit?

Most vaporizer users have a strong preference when it comes to this topic. There are advantages to each style of vaporization, and your preference will largely depend on your lifestyle.

Whip Vaporizers: For the individual smoker or for a couple, whip vaporizers are going to give you more control over how much smoke per session, as well as eliminating the waste that you may encounter by filling a balloon too much then not being able to finish it. With a whip vaporizer, you simply draw as many hits as you would like then remove the bowl for later re-smoking. Whip vaporizers often come with two “whips,” which are food-grade, malleable plastic tubes through which the user draws a hit, so if you are worried about germs, there are options for you.

Balloon & Bag Vaporizers: If you do most of your smoking in a group, balloons (or bags, as they are often called) are fun to use and ensure that each smoker will get a great hit. Nothing could be more fun to have at a party than a vapor-filled bag that you can pass around, especially when it is filled with clean, delicious vapor! The Volcano is really the clear choice if you want to get a balloon-style vaporizer. The Extreme Q does offer a balloon option, but we find it slightly harder to use. The Volcano, however, makes filling balloons and bags incredibly easy.