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Vaporite Solo Vaporizer

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Overview

The Vaporite Vaporizer is manufactured by Vaporite Inc and was introduced to the Vaporizer Market in 2007.

The Vaporite Vaporizer is a direct inhalation box style unit that is built with a ceramic nichrome heating element and utilizes a Hands Free ground glass Vapor Wand.

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Ease of Use

A digital set display on the front of the Vaporite Vaporizer allows for customized temperature levels depending on individual preference.

The Hands Free feature on the Vaporite is customary with most box style vaporizers; this allows the Vapor Wand to sit in place on top of the heater cover without having to keep your hand on the wand.

Each Vaporite Vaporizers is accompanied with a user friendly ground glass aromatherapy bulb. I used the Magnolia blend provided for standard aromatherapy while testing the Vaporite with no constraints.

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Heat Up Time

A warm up time of 3-5 minutes is expected for the Vaporite Vaporizer.

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

The Vaporite does an okay job of producing vapor.  I managed to achieve a sufficient Vapor after setting the temperature to 3/4th power on the rotary dial.

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Warranty

Each Vaporite Vaporizer Comes with a standard 90 day warranty, restricted to normal use.  Replacement parts can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

While I would not recommend the Vaporite to any serious Vaporizer Patrons, The Hands Free Technology, Digital Temperature Display, and affordable pricing make the Vaporite Vaporizer a possible entry level Vaporizer for the novice vaporizer user.

Vaporite Solo Vaporizer Video