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Vaporite Nano Vaporizer

Vaporite Nano Vaporizer Overview

The Vaporite Nano Vaporizer is manufactured in China by Vaporite Inc.

The Nano Vaporizer is a Hands Free box style Vaporizer with a low quality, nichrome Heating Element that utilizes a direct inhalation system.

The Nano is encased in a cheap metal body while a shoddy Hands Free glass wand is used to draw the Vapor into the lungs.

Vaporite Nano Vaporizer Ease of Use

As far as Ease of Use, the Nano scored low marks during testing.

I set digital display on the front of the Vaporite Nano to 185 degrees Celsius.

However, the temperature was inaccurate and I could not get the unit to produce any sort of Vapor.

After my first unsuccessful test, I heated the Vaporite Nano to its highest setting in order to begin the Vaporization process.

Vaporite Nano Vaporizer Heat-Up Time

The Vaporite Nano took nearly 10 minutes to heat before the unit produced Vapor.

Vaporite Nano Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

I found that my desired temperature of 185 degrees Celsius was not producing any Vapor.

While using the highest temperature setting, I managed to achieve an insubstantial Vapor that tasted like plastic.

Vaporite Nano Vaporizer Warranty

The Vaporite Nano Vaporizer comes with a 90 day warranty.

Vaporite Nano Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

Overall, I would not recommend the Nano Vaporizer because of the scanty Vapor Quality, obsolete heating element, and long heat up time.

This particular unit does not stack up to other quality Vaporizers available in the same price range.