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Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer

Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer Overview

The Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer is a Hands Free box style vaporizer with a Vertical Based Heating Element that utilizes a direct inhalation system.

The Elevation Vaporizer is a knock off and was introduced to the market in 2008.

A substandard 2 piece Hands Free glass wand is used to draw from the Vaporite Elevation.

Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer Ease of Use

The Elevation Vaporizer has an analog rotary temperature knob and digital display on the front of the unit. However, since the Temperature fluctuates, I was not able to achieve an accurate setting.

The heating element is vertically based, so I unscrewed the 2 part filling chamber to fill my blend.  When it is screwed back together the filling chamber barely fit over the heating coil.  I had to hold my hand on the base of the Vapor Wand to initiate the Vaporization process.

After my first test, I burnt my hand while trying to remove the Vapor Wand from the heating element; this is another negative feature of the Vaporite Elevation.

Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer Heat-Up Time

During the testing process, the Elevation reached the vaporization level in 7-10 minutes. The unit cool down time took around 10 minutes as well.

Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer Efficiency/Effectiveness

After flipping the power switch on, I turned the temperature gage clockwise to 3/4th’s power (around 375 degrees Fahrenheit) and waited for the unit to warm up.

I found that my desired temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit was not producing any Vapor, thus I adjusted the temperature to its highest setting.

A light Vapor was produced with poor results. The matter was burnt and left me with a harsh taste in my mouth.

Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer Warranty

The Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer comes with a 90 day warranty.

Vaporite Elevation Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

Overall, I would not recommend the Elevation Vaporizer.

After testing the Elevation, the Heating Element produces an inconsistent amount of low quality Vapor.  The two-stage ground glass vapor bowl is frail and dangerous when heated.

Patrons should instead invest in a quality unit like the Extreme Q by Arizer if they are in the market for a Vertical Heating Element Vaporizer.