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Vaporfection Stealth II

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Overview

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is manufactured in the United States by VaporFection and was introduced to the Vaporizer Market in 2007.

The VaporFection Vaporizer is an assisted airflow Hands Free Vaporizer with a digital temperature controller that utilizes a direct inhalation system.

A 100% glass heating element accompanies the Stealth Vaporizer along with its flimsy aluminum encased body.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Ease of Use

I was able to operate the Stealth Vaporizer with minimal effort. I believe the learning curve of this unit is reasonable for all levels of Vaporizer users.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Heat up Time

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer advertises the optimal Vaporization Temperature is reached in approximately three minutes.

During testing, I experienced a heat up time closer to 2 minutes before the Stealth was ready to use.

When the Stealth is turned off, a cool down time of five minutes is expected.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

The Stealth Vaporizer receives an excellent grade in the Effectiveness category.

Compared to high quality units like the Volcano, the Vapor flow from the Stealth Vapor Wand is just as effective. The VaporFection also comes with an ingenious ‘Aqua Vape in-line filter’ this whip attachment filters the vapor through water making it taste even better.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Warranty

Each Stealth II Vaporizer comes with a three year warranty, restricted to normal use.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

Overall, the VaporFection Stealth Vaporizer is a good assisted airflow, box style, hands free vaporizer.

I would recommend the Stealth II to those who are seriously looking to apply Vaporization to their daily lifestyle due to the reasonable price point and vapor density that accompany this unit.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Video