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Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

Vapor Brothers Overview

The Vapor Brothers is a traditional box style direct inhalation Vaporizer that uses a ceramic heating element, initially this unit was released with a soldering iron type element, but has since upgraded.

This unit is manufactured in the United States and introduced to the market back in 1999.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Ease of Use

I was expecting an easier experience with the Vapor Brothers unit. The Vapor Brothers does not come with a traditional “On” & “Off” switch, instead I had to turn the analog temperature dial to 12 o’clock activate it.

The standard Vapor wand that accompanies the Vapor Brothers restricted me because I had to constantly have my hand holding the base of the wand, I feel like a hands free vapor wand is a better option.

Vapor Brothers Time to Heat Up

Once this Vaporizer was on, I waited for nearly 10 minutes for it to achieve optimal heat; this was considerably longer than some of my other favorite vaporizers.

Vapor Brothers Efficiency/Effectiveness

The vapor created from the Vapor Brothers was light and barely visible.

Vapor Brothers Warranty

Each Vapor Brothers touts a lifetime warranty. However, the warranty is only valid if you register the product within 90 days.

To make matters worse when you read the fine line, the service warranty is really only two years.

Vapor Brothers Overall Satisfaction

I would however recommend the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer to fellow Vaporization patrons.  I believe the Vapor Brothers is a decent purchase. However there are other Box Style Vaporizers in the same price range, like the Aroma Classic which can be viable options as well!

Vapor Brothers Video