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Welcome to Vapefiles!! We are here to uncover the hidden truths about vaporizers. Started by people who believe vaporization is a healthier alternative to smoking we are here to provide everyone with reliable and up-to-date information and to inform the general public about the benefits of this new technology taking the world by storm.

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Types of Vaporizers

There are two main types of vaporizers: Conduction and Convection.

Conduction vaporizers are a much older style type of vaporizer and can easily be made at home with a little skill and knowledge. Though they are no where near as efficient as the newer style Convection vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers use heat to vaporize your blends just like the Convection method but you get a harsher, more inconsistent vapor with only the material touching the heating element being vaporized. Unlike a convection one where it’s using air to get a more even flow through the blends creating a tastier and healthier vapor.

Convection vaporizers are 99% of the vaporizers you will see on the market today. Heat is transmitted to your material by heated air flowing over it and through it creating a consistent and very smooth vapor. This method of heating also allows your blends to last much longer than other methods of smoking and vaporizing and releases up to 70% more active constituents. With that fact convection vaporizers have been known to pay for themselves by saving yourself the amount of material needed within a couple of weeks depending on how often you smoke.

Convection vaporizers are the dominant force among vaporizers being sold today. They are inhaled in three direct ways. Let us explain.

Tube Style

Tube vaporizers use a medical grade tube to inhale the vapor. They usually have some kind mouthpiece to keep any heat away from your mouth and to ease in the cleaning process. It is a much more personal experience with you having to be near the vaporizer and hold the tube up to your mouth. Vaporizers that use this method only include:  7th Floor Vaporizers that include the Da Buddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Arizer’s V-Tower Digital Vaporizer, the Easy Vape Vaporizer, Vapolution Vaporizer, Vaporfection Vaporizers and Vaporite vaporizers all use this method to deliver the vapor.


Balloon Style

Balloon or Bag Style vaporizers are another way to deliver the vapor to the end user. There is usually a tear resistant and smell retardant bag/balloon that is filled with vapor using a fan delivery method in the vaporizer itself. The balloon is then removed from the vaporizer and a mouthpiece is inserted into the end of the balloon to stop vapor from leaving and creating a way for the user to inhale it. This is a much more social way of vaporizing with certain models being able to create as big of a bag as you want; (party bag). Check out the Volcano Vaporizer’s Solid Valve Set for custom sized balloons. The Volcano Vaporizer is the only company that uses the balloon method alone. Introducing the award winning Volcano Classic Vaporizer and Digit Volcano Vaporizer.

What if I wanted both a tube and bag system?

There are a number of vaporizers that do BOTH tube and balloon style such as the Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer, Extreme-Q Vaporizer that also comes with a Remote Control. Having both options are not only great for parties but also for use with yourself or just a few people with the whip/tube method available.

Direct Inhale Style

The final way to inhale your vapor would be the direct inhale style. This is very simple; there is a part of the actual vaporizer that has a tube already built in – most have a separate mouthpiece for cleanliness and heat dispersion but there is no whip or wand. Simply put your mouth over the direct inhale part and savor the vapor. Some models that use this method include the Iolite portable vaporizer, the Vapir Oxygen Mini portable vaporizer, and the Vapolution portable vaporizer.