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Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Portable Vaporizer Overview

The Magic Flight Portable Vaporizer is manufactured by BlissSville Inc. in the United States.

This Vaporizer was introduced to the Vaporizer Market in 2010. The Magic Flight is a direct inhalation portable vaporizer that uses a copper plated steel rods combined with a rechargeable battery to achieve the desired Vaporization Level.

Magic Flight Portable Vaporizer Ease of Use

First and foremost, the outer shell of this unit is made out of thin birch wood, the vaporization compartment cover is acrylic, thus you have to be careful while loading your blends. This unit’s rechargeable battery only allows for a maximum of 4 to 8 draws before needing to be replaced.

The mouthpiece is fragile, almost falling out of place during the testing process, however not a big deal as you don’t necessarily need the mouthpiece for it to work, you can go ‘native’ and just inhale directly from the box. After a few minutes of testing and changing the rechargeable batteries, I was able to get the Magic Flight to produce a nice visible Vapor.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Heat up Time

The Magic Flight Vaporizer has an average warm-up time of about 20 seconds. Possibly the fastest warm up time of any vaporizer on the market.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

I tested the Magic Flight with different volumes of blend in the herb chamber; after taking slow, steady, breaths I achieved a nice amount of vapor. While the Magic Flight doesn’t provide a huge amount of vapor I was somewhat impressed with the Vapor quality that the Magic Flight provides especially for the size of the unit.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Warranty

Each Magic Flight Vaporizer comes with a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that is restricted to normal use.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is worth the asking price, even though it is basically a box of wood with a screen attached to wires that contacts a battery to create heat. However,  I would not recommend this unit to serious Vaporizer Patrons because the Magic Flight does not provide the same Vapor quality as other vaporizers. Having said that, the Magic Flight is perfect for situations where no other vaporizer would work – Like a Cafe, Cinema, Boat or on a Beach.

There are other Portable units which are more manageable and are of better value like the iolite vaporizer or Vapir No2 vaporizer, however if you want something you can just chuck in your pocket and take with you anywhere than you can’t really beat the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Video