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Iolite Vaporizer

iolite Vaporizer Overview

The iolite vaporizer is a portable direct inhalation unit manufactured in Ireland by Oglesby & Butler.  Introduced to the market in 2008, the iolite portable vaporizer uses a patented one of a kind flameless gas catalytic conversion heating method and thermostatic temperature gauge.
The iolite Portable fits in the palm of your hand without any of the traditional restrictions such as power cords or battery packs.  With a weight of only 81 grams/2.8 oz, the iolite Vaporizer weighs less than your typical mobile phone and is about the same size.

Addressing key consumer needs such as size, rich vapor delivery and most importantly true portable freedom, the iolite is making a powerful impact on the Portable Vaporizer Market.

iolite Vaporizer Ease of Use

The iolite vaporizer has a very basic functionality and easy to follow instructions are included with every unit.

I was able to follow the detailed illustrations without any confusion.

The iolite is the perfect portable vaporizer for adults of all ages.

Once activated, The Orange temperature control light on the port of the iolite will stay lit until the optimal Vaporization temperature is achieved.

To turn off the iolite, simply turn the power switch to “O”, the unit will cool down in less than 5 minutes.

A normal cycle of released gas is expected as the unit cools down.

The iolite comes complete with a unique convenient travel case which can store the unit, included replacement parts, and the optional comfort care package.

iolite Vaporizer Heat up Time

The iolite’s catalytic heating element is built into an isolated chamber which allows the butane to heat the unit.

The desired heating temperature is reached in 2-5 minutes, while the butane expels as harmless water vapor through the ventilation ports on the front of the unit.

If the iolite is left in the “on” position, simply turn the unit off and re-charge the iolite with Natural Butane gas to receive an additional two hours of vaporization.

Iolite Vaporizer Efficiency / Effectiveness

The thermostatically controlled bi-metal regulator maintains a steady temperature of 374 degrees Fahrenheit/ 190 degrees Celsius, which is the prime temperature to efficiently vaporize your blend.

Each draw from the iolite’s extendable mouthpiece produces a rich of layer of Vapor.

For added Vapor Quality I removed the moisture condenser and attached the optional Comfort Care Package onto the extendable Mouthpiece.

This 12 inch Vapor tool creates an elongated air corridor, allowing the vapor to cool down even more before entering the lungs.

The Comfort Care Package makes the unit size only 18 inches from top to bottom and allows for long deep inhalations of your blend.

Iolite Vaporizer Warranty

Each iolite vaporizer comes complete with a two year manufactures warranty that is restricted to normal use. After the original warranty expires, users can have their unit repaired for a nominal fee.

Iolite Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

The iolite portable vaporizer is a very impressive unit due to it’s ability to solve the traditional restrictions of cords and batteries.

The pocket size construction and travel case aid to the overall effectiveness of this unit. I would highly recommend the iolite to anyone that is looking for an efficient portable vaporizer at a competitive price.