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Best Portable Vaporizer for 2011?

With two new portable vaporizers recently introduced onto the market, it is making it a little more difficult for some to pick which vaporizer is the best for them. We thought we’d help out a bit for our readers with a quick rundown on the top portables and their benefits.

Arizer Solo - The most expensive portable vaporizer on the market at the moment (except for the MiniVap that costs like $1,000 but let’s not even go there its way too dear). The Solo has a very long battery life, seems very durable, and provides excellent vapor. It is a little bigger than say the Magic Flight Launch Box but still not that big enough you couldn’t put it in your pocket (like with the Vapir NO2). We would recommend this vaporizer to anyone who plans on using their portable vape everyday and may even use it often at home. Due to the unit running of battery this vaporizer is also quite discreet and stealthy aswell.


Iolite Vaporiser – This vape has been around for a while now, with the newly introduced version the WISPR to come to most stockists in another month or so. The Iolite is a great little pocket companion that runs off butane and looks like a handheld walkie-talkie. As it runs off butane gas (with each fill lasting around an hour), you can basically use it non-stop if you have a can to refill it with you. I would say the Iolite does not feel as solid as the other portable vaporizers on the market so make sure you buy from an authorized dealer in-case there are any warranty issues down the track. We would recommend this vaporizer to anyone who is serious about vaporizing everyday and needs a portable unit that doesn’t require charging .

The Vapir NO2 vaporizer – Vapir have been around for a while now and have brought out some good vaporizer’s in the past, the No2 is their most recent vaporizer.  It is a fairly larger portable vaporizer, long, slim and black. Some say it has a phallus look to it, we won’t argue that. For those that are comfortable sucking from the end of a large black dildo looking vaporizer, you won’t be disappointed. While the vapor may not be as great as the aforementioned vaporisers it still provides a very good experience. The NO2 also allows you to control the exact temperature down to +- 5 degrees, which is very cool. (The Arizer Solo does allow you to do this aswell but is more limited). We would suggest this vape to those who are looking for more control over their portable vaporization experience. Also to those who may use at home for extended periods of time – it also runs of an AC adaptor which the other portables don’t really do.


The Magic Flight Launch Box – The very popular magic flight aka MFLB. This vaporizer is owned by many and usually one of the first vape’s most people get due to it being quite cheap at around $120. The Launch box offers stealth like no other portable. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be used where no other vaporizer can be used. It is quite limited in the amount of vapor it can get aswell as how long it can be used continuously (unless you have alot of spare batteries). But it still vaporizes herbs very well and provides adequate vapor. If you are at the beach or the cinema or even at a party, this vaporizer is perfect for it’s size, its ease of use and…it just looks so cool. We would suggest this to those who aren’t looking to vaporize everyday but like a nice little stealthy vape for particular days.


Hopefully we have narrowed it down a little and made it easier for you all to choose which portable you want to get. We have also reviewed each vaporizer in more detail if you want to find out more. In the meantime, Happy Vaping!

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